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Best Industrial Glue Manufacturer in India

Best Industrial Glue Manufacturer in India

Super Bond Adhesives was founded in the early 1970s, amidst a developing market demand for high-performance adhesives. The company started as a small venture focused on producing industrial glue manufacturer (adhesives) for local manufacturers. Over the years, it expanded its product line to include a wide range of adhesives catering to various industries, including construction, automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.

The Super Bond Adhesives story began in 1974, envisioned by Pradeep Agarwal and Dileep Agarwal. Fueled by a passion for innovation, we established the company with a clear mission: to provide superior adhesive solutions across various sectors. Starting small, we focused on manufacturing glues for railways, bus bodies, and the navy. The dedication to quality and customer satisfaction propelled us forward.

By the early 2000s, Super Bond Adhesives had expanded its reach, catering to the needs of the foam & furniture and footwear industries. This growth necessitated the establishment of a new production unit in Badlapur. Our commitment to continuous improvement saw them achieve significant milestones. Super Bond’s relentless pursuit of excellence led us to explore new horizons. The incorporation of the Kupri Unit at Wada further bolstered our production capabilities. This period also witnessed our diversification into new markets like insulation, reflecting their adaptability and responsiveness to evolving industry demands.

Glue Manufacturers in India

Super Bond Adhesives being the major Glue manufacturers in India play a crucial role in both domestic supply and exports of Industrial adhesives. We also provide products tailored to specific industrial needs, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Super Bond’s Adhesives commitment to quality and innovation ensures high performance and reliability, making it a preferred choice for industries in India. Super Bond Adhesives has built a solid reputation as a top glue manufacturer in India through its unwavering dedication to excellence. The company’s extensive product portfolio caters to a wide array of applications, ensuring that each product meets the stringent requirements of different industries. Super Bond’s adhesives are used in woodworking, packaging, automotive, construction, footwear, and many other sectors, showcasing their versatility and effectiveness.


Diverse Range of Industrial adhesives

Super Bond Adhesives offers a comprehensive range of adhesive products designed to meet specific industrial requirements. The key categories of Super Bond’s adhesives solutions include:


Super Bond Adhesives offers a range of hot melt adhesives designed for various paper converting and packaging needs. These adhesives provide strong, durable, and versatile bonding solutions. By choosing Super Bond Adhesives, businesses can rely on high-quality adhesives that ensure excellent performance and safety across multiple materials and applications.


Rubber-based adhesives are adhesives that use rubber as the main ingredient. This type of adhesive is known for its flexibility, durability, and strong bonding capabilities. Super Bond Adhesives rubber-based adhesives are versatile, strong, and flexible, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re in the footwear, automotive, textile, DIY, or packaging industry, Super Bond’s rubber adhesives offer a reliable bonding solution. 

C) Water-Based Adhesives in India:

Water-based adhesives are gaining popularity in India for their eco-friendly properties and versatility. Used in packaging, textiles, and woodworking, these adhesives are non-toxic and provide strong bonds. Super Bond Adhesives produces high-quality water-based adhesives suitable for various applications.

D) Contact-Based Adhesives in India:

Contact-based adhesives are known for their strong initial tack and quick bonding, making them ideal for the footwear, automotive, and furniture industries. Manufacturers like Super Bond Adhesives offer a variety of contact adhesives that ensure durability and high performance.

APPLICATIONS OF Super Bond Adhesives:

Woodworking Glue

Super Bond Adhesives, producing a range of adhesives for various woodworking applications, ensuring high bond strength and durability.

Book Binding adhesives 

Hot melt adhesives are ideal for book binding due to their strong bonding capabilities and quick setting time. Super Bond Adhesives ensure that the pages remain securely bound, providing durability and longevity to books.

Paper Bags adhesives 

For the production of paper bags, Super Bond hot melt adhesives offer excellent adhesion to various types of paper. These adhesives ensure that the bags are sturdy and can withstand the weight of their contents.

Soap Wrapper adhesives 

Hot melt adhesives are used in soap wrapping to provide a secure seal that protects the product from contamination and moisture. Super Bond’ adhesives are designed to adhere well to the glossy and often slippery surfaces of soap wrappers.

HMPSA (Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)

HMPSAs are versatile adhesives that provide a strong, pressure-sensitive bond. These are commonly used in labels, tapes, and a variety of other applications where a durable and repositionable adhesive is required.

Jelly Glue

Jelly glue is a type of hot melt adhesive known for its jelly-like consistency. It is used in applications that require a flexible and resilient bond, such as in certain types of packaging and paper products.

Glue Stick

Super Bond Adhesives glue sticks are easy-to-use hot melt adhesives suitable for various crafts and light industrial applications. They provide a quick and strong bond to materials such as paper, fabric, and light wood.

Courier Bag adhesives 

For courier bags, Super Bond hot melt adhesives ensure a secure closure that is tamper-evident and resistant to various environmental conditions. These adhesives help in maintaining the integrity and security of the shipped items.

Footwear Adhesives 

Mumbai, a major commercial hub, is home to several footwear adhesive manufacturers. These adhesives must withstand the flexing and stress that footwear undergoes. Super Bond Adhesives is a leading manufacturer providing specialized adhesives for the footwear industry in Mumbai.

Automotive adhesives 

These adhesives are used in the automotive industry to bond rubber seals, gaskets, and other components. They are ideal for this purpose because they can endure the harsh conditions found in vehicles, such as temperature changes and exposure to chemicals.

Mattress adhesive 

The mattress industry relies on high-quality adhesives for durability and comfort. Manufacturers like Super Bond Adhesives produce specialized mattress adhesives that ensure excellent bonding for foam, fabric, and springs.

Lamination adhesives 

Lamination adhesives are essential for bonding different materials in applications like packaging and bookbinding. Mumbai’s industrial infrastructure makes it an ideal location for lamination adhesive manufacturing. Super Bond Adhesives is a key player, providing high-performance lamination adhesives.


The glue manufacturing industry in India is a vital component of the country’s industrial landscape, supporting various sectors with innovative and high-quality adhesive solutions. Across INDIA and abroad, manufacturer Super Bond Adhesives leads the industry by offering diverse products that meet both domestic and international demands.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Indian glue manufacturers are poised for further growth, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. The future of the adhesive industry in India looks promising, with advancements in technology and a commitment to eco-friendly solutions driving the market forward.

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