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Rubber Based Adhesives

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TechnologyRubber Based Adhesives

Rubber-based adhesives, also known as rubber adhesives or rubber cement, are a type of adhesive that is formulated with rubber as the primary component. These adhesives are designed to bond various materials, including rubber, metal, plastic, fabric, and more. One of the finest ranges of solvent based rubber adhesives to suit:

Rubber Based AdhesivesStrong Adhesion

Natural rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are generally prepared by dissolving a natural rubber in an organic solvent such as toluene, hexane or heptane, and then dissolving therein a compounding additive such as a tackifier resin or a softening agent.

There are major advantages like flexibility, good resistance to moisture, and excellent bonding strength. They are commonly used in applications where flexibility is required, as they can withstand movement and expansion without losing their adhesive properties

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118/119, Vardhaman Complex, Gokul Nagar, Old LBS Road, Thane (West), Thane, Maharashtra 400601

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