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Super Bond is a leading hot melt adhesive manufacturing company since 1974, based in Mumbai (India). Our unique formulations of the Super Melt® series (SM Series) have been developed for various applications like bookbinding, woodworking, paper bags, soap wrappers, glue sticks, courier bags, packaging etc.

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We are a leading adhesive manufacturing company in MumbaiTypes of Hot Melts

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Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturing Company In India

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Super Bond Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Hot Melt Adhesives supplier and manufacturer in India, with over 4 decades of RD, productions, and sales experience. Our Hot melt adhesives are suitable for all kinds of manual/automated production operations. Our adhesive consultants and R&D groups are here to meet all of your adhesive needs. Super Bond specially formulated various types of hot melt adhesives for various paper converting and packaging applications like Book Binding, Wood-working, Packaging, Paper Bags, Soap Wrappers, HMPSA, Jelly Glue, Glue Sticks, and Courier Bags. 

Here are the Top 5 features of our Hot Melt Adhesive series:

✅Excellent Cohesive Strength: Hot melts adhesives bond rapidly thereby increasing your production efficiency.

✅ Durable Bonding: Whether it’s paper, plastic, wood, or even textiles, hot melt adhesives can bond a wide range of materials.

✅ No Odor: They’re solvent-free, reducing harmful emissions and making your workspace safer and even easy to store and ship.

✅ Eco-Friendly: Our hot melt adhesives are available in eco-friendly formulations, contributing to a greener planet.

✅ Cost-Effective: Save on equipment costs and energy consumption compared to traditional bonding methods.

What we doHot Melt Adhesives

Our Super Melt® adhesives for book binding provide outstanding side, spine and end gluing applications. This gives superior page pull strength and durable bonding which allows in-line trimming to be safely undertaken without smearing.

Our Product Grades:

SM 400: (Pigmented) Spine and side glue for regular Maplitho
SM 415: (Unfilled) Spine glue for regular publication Maplitho
SM 444: (Pigmented) Spine glue for art paper up to 130 GSM
SM 404: Hot Melts for side pasting of books

Our Super Melt® range of Hot Melts are high-performing, EVA-based adhesives designed for edge banding applications. They can be used for bonding materials like PVC, ABS or wood-veneer to substrates like particle boards or MDF for a finished appearance.

Our Product Grades:
SM 101A, SM 103, SM 104A, SM 108W, SM 109U, SM 121G, SM 122N


✅Bonding together various components of furniture, such as chair frames, tabletops, and cabinet assemblies.

✅Bonding carved wooden pieces together, wood paneling to walls or other surfaces, and wood flooring planks to a subfloor.

Jelly glue, also known as animal glue, is a type of glue derived from animal proteins. It is used in case-making in automatic & semi-automatic machines.

Product grades:

✅SA 600
✅FA 601

Application areas:

✅Gift boxes
✅Accounts/Tax registers

We manufacture and supply a wide range of glue sticks, including transparent, translucent, and opaque varieties in both white and off-white colors, suitable for numerous applications.

✅Electrical Elements
✅Packaging Applications

Our Product Grades:

GS-1, GS-66, GS-24

Super Bond |
Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturing Company In India

industrial adhesive for packaging

What we doHot Melt Adhesives

Explore our extensive range of soap wrapper hot-melt adhesives with low viscosity for effortless application using hot-melt applicators. These adhesives offer smoothness and non-blocking characteristics for easy roll separation, along with superior thermal reactivation and strong bonding to protect your products during packaging and transit.

Product Grades:

SM 446, SM 448, SM 450

Edge banding hot melt glue is a type of adhesive used in the process of applying edge banding to various surfaces, commonly in woodworking and furniture manufacturing. Edge banding is a thin strip of material (often PVC, ABS, wood veneer, or melamine) that is applied to the edges of a panel to give it a finished appearance and protect the edges from damage.

Our Hot-melt Adhesives are used in paper bags for side sealing, bottom sealing and handles effectively keeping the bag intact and preventing it from falling apart.

Product Grades:

SM 350, SM 723, SM 700

Hot Melt Pressure Senitive are specialised rubber based thermoplastic Hot Melts that are formulated for bonding of various substrates. It is also used in Packaging/Paper Converting, Courier bags and bottle labeling.

Product Grades:

Super Track 8700 CB, Super Track 9888, Super Track 9920, Super Track 9932, Super Track 9977 FW, Super Track 9986

Hot Melt Industrial Glue Suppliers in Mumbai

Strong adhesion solutions for your industry!Applications

Book Binding

Our hot-melts adhesives are indispensable in book binding, offering efficient, quick-curing solutions for strong and durable bonds in high-volume production.


Our hot-melts adhesives are crucial in packaging, providing fast and reliable bonding solutions for sealing, carton closing, and other applications, ensuring efficient and secure packaging processes.

Paper Bags

Our hot-melts adhesives are essential in paper bag manufacturing, offering quick and secure bonding for efficient production and ensuring the durability of the bags.

Soap Wrapper

Our hot-melts adhesives are vital in soap wrapper production, delivering swift and secure bonding for efficient sealing and packaging, ensuring the integrity of the soap packaging.

Wood Working

Our hot-melts adhesives are essential in woodworking for fast and robust bonding, enhancing efficiency in applications like edge banding and assembly, ensuring durable connections in projects.


Our HMPSA (Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) are pivotal in various applications, providing swift and reliable bonding for efficient and durable adhesion in diverse industries.

Jelly/Animal Glue

Jelly or animal glue is a traditional adhesive with versatile applications, offering reliable and enduring bonding for various purposes such as woodworking, bookbinding, and handicrafts.

Jelly Glue

Glue Stick

Glue sticks are convenient and versatile adhesives commonly used for quick and mess-free bonding in crafts, DIY projects, and light assembly, providing efficient and reliable adhesion.

Courier Bags

Courier bags rely on hot melt adhesives for secure and swift sealing, ensuring efficient and durable packaging solutions for shipping and delivery needs.

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