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Water Based Adhesive

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TechnologyWater Based Adhesives

Water-Based Adhesives use water as a solvent and are eco-friendly, low in toxicity, and easy to use. They consist of polymer emulsions or dispersions suspended in water, with common polymers including acrylics, PVA, and EVA. They are well suited for the applications such as:

Water Based AdhesivesBonding Strength

Water-based adhesives are produced by dispersing a selected polymer in water with surfactants, followed by mixing and heating to achieve uniform dispersion. Additives may be included to enhance adhesive properties. The formulation is tested, adjusted, and then packaged for storage. While variations exist, this process provides a general overview of water-based adhesive production.

These adhesives have low VOC content, minimal odor, and are safer to use.

Water-based adhesives provide fast setting times, high bond strength, and are suitable for heat-sensitive materials, making them a versatile and environmentally conscious choice.

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118/119, Vardhaman Complex, Gokul Nagar, Old LBS Road, Thane (West), Thane, Maharashtra 400601

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