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Service Category: Water Based Packaging


Manual Applications

Manual application of Water-Based Adhesives in the packaging industry involves the use of human operators to apply the adhesive to specific areas of packaging materials or products. This method is commonly employed in scenarios where precision and control are required, or…

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Wheel Applications

Wheels play a significant role in the packaging industry, particularly in material handling and transportation When it comes to Water-Based Adhesives application. Packaging facilities rely on various types of material handling equipment, such as carts, trolleys, and pallet jacks, to efficiently…

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Nozzle Applications

Nozzles play a crucial role in the packaging industry when it comes to the application of Water-Based Adhesives. Water-based adhesives are widely used in various packaging applications due to their eco-friendliness, low VOC emissions, and versatility. In packaging, nozzles are used…

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