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Service Category: Rubber based adhesives


Brushable Rubber Based Adhesives

Brushable rubber-based adhesives, also known as brushable rubber adhesives or liquid rubber adhesives, are a specific type of rubber adhesive that is formulated to be applied using a brush or similar applicator.

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PU Adhesives

PU adhesives, also known as polyurethane adhesives, are a type of adhesive that is based on polyurethane polymers. These adhesives are widely used in various industries due to their versatility and strong bonding properties. PU adhesives offer excellent adhesion to a…

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Sprayable Rubber Based Adhesives

Sprayable rubber-based adhesives are a type of adhesive that are designed to be applied using a spray gun or a similar spraying device. These adhesives are formulated with rubber as the primary component and offer excellent adhesion and flexibility when bonding…

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