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Project Category: Water Based Adhesives



All our range of adhesives, be it Water-Based can be widely used in the Lamination industry for various applications. These include bonding together different packaging materials (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal), assembling packaging components (such as boxes, labels, and…

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Side Pasting Adhesive

Our Water-Based  are widely used in the Side Pasting industry for various applications.

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Paper Cone

Paper Cone

Paper cone application of water-based adhesives refers to the use of water-based adhesives in the manufacturing of paper cones, primarily used in the textile and packaging industries.

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Carton Manufacturing

Water-based adhesives play a significant role in the carton manufacturing industry, where they are utilized for bonding and sealing cartons and boxes. These adhesives offer numerous advantages in this application.

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Membrane Door

Water-Based Adhesives are widely used in the manufacturing of membrane doors, which are doors composed of a wooden frame and a decorative membrane surface. In the production process, water-based adhesives play a crucial role in bonding the membrane layer to the…

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Book Binding

Our Water-Based and are widely used in the book binding industry for various applications.

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Paper Bags

All our Adhesive ranges (water based, and hot melts) have great demand in the production of paper bags for bonding together paper and cardboard materials. They are also used in bonding components of a paper bag design such as body, handles…

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Wood Working

Water-based, Rubber-Based and Hot-Melts Adhesives are widely used in woodworking and other related industries for various applications. These applications are important for ensuring the durability and strength of wood products. Adhesives are commonly used in the woodworking industry to bond wood to…

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