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Project Category: Hot Melts


Wood Working

Hot-Melts, Water-Based and Rubber-Based Adhesives are widely used in woodworking and other related industries for various applications. These applications are important for ensuring the durability and strength of wood products. Adhesives are commonly used in the woodworking industry to bond wood…

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Book Binding

Our  Hot-Melt Adhesives are widely used in the book binding industry for various applications.

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Paper Bags

All our Adhesive ranges  Hot Melts have great demand in the production of paper bags for bonding together paper and cardboard materials. They are also used in bonding components of a paper bag design such as body, handles and seals. They also…

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Soap Wrapper

Hot-Melt adhesives are commonly used in the application of soap wrappers. Soap wrappers are typically made of thin, flexible materials such as paper or plastic films, and hot melt adhesives provide an effective bonding solution for securing the wrappers around the…

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Hot Melt Pressure Senstive Adhesive (HMPSA)

Hot Melt Pressure Senstive Adhesive (HMPSA) offers several advantages, including fast bonding, high tack, and good adhesion to various surfaces. Its versatility and ease of use make it a popular choice in industries where instant stickiness and secure bonding are required.

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Jelly/Animal Glue

Jelly glue, also known as protein-based adhesive or animal-based adhesive, is a type of glue derived from animal proteins and has been used in various applications such as woodworking, packaging, and graphic arts.

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Glue Stick

Glue sticks are a popular application method for Hot-Melts adhesives

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Courier Bag

Hot melt adhesives are preferred in courier bag production due to their strong bonding capabilities, versatility with plastic materials, and quick-setting properties. They provide a reliable seal that keeps the contents of the bag secure duringlk2 transportation while offering operational efficiency…

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All our range of adhesives, be it Hot Melt adhesives can be widely used in the packaging industry for various applications. These include bonding together different packaging materials (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal), assembling packaging components (such as boxes,…

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