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Industrial Adhesives
Wood Working & Furniture
Industry Adhesives
Wood Working Applications
For Pipe Jointing
Footwear and Leather
For Automobiles
Car Interiors /Bus Body
For Notebooks/Packaging/
Other Paper Converters
For Mattresses/Sofa/Chair
Other Furniture
For 3D Lamination
(PVC Membrane Doors
& Kitchen cabinets)
For PVC to Wood/Ply
For Wood Coatings on Furniture
Rubber Based Adhesives
One of the finest range of solvent-based rubber adhesives to suit a variety of Furniture, Foam, Mattresses, Carpeting and Upholstery applications. These products are result of careful formulations using top quality additives and culmination of decades of experience.
Brushable Grades
Super Bond SR-9X (F)
All-purpose rubber adhesive for applications that demand very high bond strength. It is benzene free, fast drying and forms strong permanent bonds.
Formulated to be used in heavy-duty applications like wood working and is highly suitable for other applications like foam, synthetic fabrics, leather, mattresses, automotive interiors and many others.
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Super Bond SR – 9X (FW)
Rubber adhesive especially formulated for footwear sole bonding and other related applications that demand higher tack time and bond strength.
Uses include heavy-duty bonding requirements in leather, EVA, MCR and synthetic fabrics.
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Super Bond SR – 5X (F)
Formulated for applications in foam, furniture and others where surfaces require medium level of bond strength. It is fast drying, displays good bonding properties and gives better economies.
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Super Bond SR – 5X (FW)
Footwear grade rubber adhesive for applications that demand medium bond strength. It gives high coverage and leads to better cost-effectiveness in production. Primarily used in Leather, EVA, Rubber, Synthetic Fibers and others.
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Super Bond SR-4X
General purpose adhesive for foam and other applications that demand lower bond strength. It bonds well and yet saves on cost.
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Super Bond (Regular)
Multi-purpose contact adhesive for surfaces that require low bonding strength and where cost saving is a key requirement.
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Available Packing:
30 ltr, 5 ltr, 1 ltr, 500 ml, 200 ml and 100 ml. Customized packing available for exports.  
Color: Brownish Tan  
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PU Adhesives
Heavy-duty footwear adhesive for surfaces that require very high bond strength. It entails properties of low viscosity & high coverage that suits PU/PVC/TPR soles, EVA, Leather and Synthetic Fabric.
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Footwear adhesive for applications that demand medium bond strength and cost-effective production.
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