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Product Profile
Industrial Adhesives
Wood Working & Furniture
Industry Adhesives
Wood Working Applications
For Pipe Jointing
Footwear and Leather
For Automobiles
Car Interiors /Bus Body
For Notebooks/Packaging/
Other Paper Converters
For Mattresses/Sofa/Chair
Other Furniture
For 3D Lamination
(PVC Membrane Doors
& Kitchen cabinets)
For PVC to Wood/Ply
For Wood Coatings on Furniture
Paper Adhesives
We are pioneers of ready-to-use Synthetic Paper Adhesives in India. This initiative from Super Bond has enabled a large number of Book Binders and Paper Products manufacturers to switch from conventional use of “LAI” application which is not only messy to apply but also makes the finished products sensitive to fungal attacks.

Our cutting-edge grades of synthetic paper adhesives cater to major notebook, paper products and packaging material manufacturers in domestic as well as international markets. High-end technology makes these products water soluble, quick setting, provide powerful bond and keep fungus /rodents away.
Ready-to-use poly-resin for bonding requirements in paper products industry. This new breed of synthetic paper adhesives has been formulated to make bonding more convenient, effective and quicker than ever before.

Ideal for bonding paper to board, paper to duplex and low GSM paper to craft paper in notebooks, registers, diaries, office files, paper bags, spiral rolls, fiber drums and similar other products.

Features & Benefits:
  • Fast drying & ready-to-use features result in quicker production.  
  • Displays superb bonding properties even if mixed with water and applied.
  • Clean hassle-free production. Semi-finished products do not stick together while stacking. 
  • Improves product life by eliminating fungus or rodent possibilities.
  • Zero odor with resistance to water, oils and solvents make it an excellent choice for use in paper applications.


Available Packing: 60 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg

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P-LAM - For bonding laminated surfaces
P-LAM grade of paper adhesive is specially formulated for bonding paper to laminated surfaces such as BOPP, Polyester and PVC. It is suitable for applications that require strong bonding and quick setting properties.
Key Applications:
  • Notebooks Spine - Laminated surface to binding cloth
  • Side pasting of paper boxes and cartons

Available Packing: 50 kg, 5 kg

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TRICOL – For Paper Board Pasting
Tricol is a PVAc based paper adhesive that is ideal for high GSM board to board pasting and other general paper applications that require superior bonding properties.
It can be diluted with water for need of economies, gives a strong flexible bond and keeps fungus/rodents away.
Key Applications:
  • Multi-wall paper bags
  • Gift Boxes
  • Hand-made paper products
  • Bound Books and similar

Available Packing: 60 kg

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