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Industrial Adhesives
Wood Working & Furniture
Industry Adhesives
Wood Working Applications
For Pipe Jointing
Footwear and Leather
For Automobiles
Car Interiors /Bus Body
For Notebooks/Packaging/
Other Paper Converters
For Mattresses/Sofa/Chair
Other Furniture
For 3D Lamination
(PVC Membrane Doors
& Kitchen cabinets)
For PVC to Wood/Ply
For Wood Coatings on Furniture
Other Products
Super Bond WB 100
(Product Classification –
Water Based Adhesive for PU foam mattress & Furniture industry )
is a single component, specially modified polymer in aqueous dispersion, designed for bonding various foams for the mattress industry, shoe, furniture and automotive industries.

Key Features:
  • High green tack and one side application.
  • Very high coverage and instant bonding.
  • Soft film formation of glue line.
  • Ultra low VOC. Hence, Environmental & user friendly product.

Application: All types of PU Foam mattress.

Storage & Packaging: We supply in 35 Kg white LDPE carboys and recommended storage temperature is between 5*C to 40*C, away from direct sun light. SUPER BOND WB 100 has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Super Bond HR 202
(Product Classification –Water based Adhesive for PSA tapes)
is specially modified water based tri-polymer dispersion, designed for application of PSA tapes and stickers for PU foam, polyester, PVC and even coated / uncoated metal, exhibiting superior bonding strength, even at elevated temperatures.

Key Features:
  • Water based tri polymer.
  • High Heat resistance up to 150 Deg.C.
  • High solids. So higher coverage.
  • Excellent & durable bonding.

Application: PSA TAPES FOR

  • Automobile Interiors
  • Insulation in Generator Canopies
  • PU foam tapes
  • 2 Way tapes – polyester, Polypropylene etc.

Advantages: Economical, Ultra low VOC, Anti fungal, Excellent & durable Bonding. The dried film service temperature of adhesive is minus 30 Deg. C to plus 150 Deg. C.

Storage & Packaging: We supply in 50 Kg white LDPE drums and recommended storage temperature is between 0*C to 30*C, away from direct sun light. SUPER BOND HR 202 has a shelf life of 6 months.

Additives - Lime Binder
Supercol DDS

Lime-binder that imparts brightness to the lime solution and provides longevity to lime coating on walls.

Available Packing: 1kg, 500 gm, 250 gm, 125 gm pouch packs in buckets and jars.

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